Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson brings more than 36 years of experience in media relations, public affairs and management to Flack Pack listeners. He has directed public affairs for a number of PR firms, elected officials, and even served as an appointee in a presidential administration. Robert was also a journalist prior to joining the flack side.

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Greg Vistica

Gregory Vistica is a respected crisis management expert. He was a noted investigative journalist—and a Pulitzer Prize finalist—for nearly 20 years prior to advising Fortune 100, start-ups, foreign governments and non-profit clients worldwide. Gregory understands the media and is close to the nation’s top editors, reporters, and producers.

Summer Johnson

Summer Johnson draws knowledge and insights from 16 years of public affairs, public relations, and crisis communications experience. She has been on every stage and level, and has served as spokesperson for a number of high-profile elected officials, candidates and corporate clients. Summer started her career in local television.

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Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy spent his professional career working at the intersection of communications and public affairs. He has directed and managed media relations and other communications efforts in various offices on Capitol Hill as well as a think tank. Jonathan is very familiar with media relations, government affairs, branding, and messaging.

Crystal Zhao

Crystal Zhao knows the ins-and-outs of everything digital media. She brings a unique mix of new media and political media experience, having directed and managed those efforts both on Capitol Hill and at an internationally-known DC-based think tank.

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